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History of Brisbin Baptist Church

The property on which the church stands was purchased in 1870 from George Brisbin and Heirs for the amount of one dollar. The first trustees were George Gould, George Brisbin, H.E. Brisbin, D.R. Good, H.J. McAteer, and George Gould Jr. Under their leadership the first building was constructed shortly after the land was purchased. It was known as the English Baptist Church. The first pastor of which there is record was Rev. A.D. Wirst. The built was destroyed by fire in about 1875. It was rebuilt on the present site. At the time of the Brisbin fire in 1884 the Church building was destroyed again, as were all the other buildings in town. Once again the Church was rebuilt. This is the building we now worship in. After the Church was completed an addition was put on the back to accommodate the Pastor’s family. This was used as a parsonage for several years. Then in 1927 the property on the adjoining lot was purchased to be used for this purpose. For several years, Mr. Charles Keatley and family lived in the apartment at the rear of the Church and Mr. Keatley faithfully kept the doors open during periods of time that we had no regular pastor. In 1936 we became a part of a three church circuit combining with Mountaindale and Ginter, all three churches sharing the Pastor’s salary and expenses.

Later we became a single charge and for a while helped the Ginter Church as Mission work. In 1925 the men of the Church, along with the Pastor, added a belfry to the building and a bell was hung which was purchased by one of the Sunday School Classes. In 1952 rest rooms were built in the basement and dedicated to the Lord. In 1953 the apartment in the back of the church was converted into Sunday School classrooms giving us much needed space for classes. Over the years many improvements were made to the Church property. In 1958 a parking area was added. In 1959 a completely new basement and a new furnished kitchen was dedicated to the Lord. In 1960 the auditorium was completely renovated and newly furnished. Until 1952 the church was represented in the Clearfield Baptist Association. For many years after that we were not affiliated with any association. Then in June of 1975 the church voted to join Conservative Baptist Association of America, which it has supported ever since. The church’s By-Laws were drawn up and adopted in 1955 along with the Constitution. In 1989 new stained glassed windows were installed in the church. Over the history of the church to this point there have been 21 pastors. The present pastor is Pastor Mark 1. Melhorn who has been here since 1995. In 1996 a new organ and sound system was installed and dedicated to the Lord. In 1998 additional land was purchased to provide additional parking. In 1998 the church began a building program with future plans to construct a new building alongside the present facility. These plans will move forward as the needed funds are given by God’s leading through the willing hearts of his people. We have a strong missions budget that contributes to 16 missionaries and ministries and an active outreach in our own community. Brisbin Baptist Church rejoices today as it is used of our blessed Lord.