BBC Vision: Through loving and caring relationships empowered through knowing Jesus Christ, we want to impact the Moshannon Valley and Beyond with Godís Word so that all may know Him.

Primary Junior Dept.

(Age graded classes for children up through 6th Grade)
Nursery - Ages 0-4 - Teacher: K. Stiles
Age 4-5 - Teachers: J. Schroeder
1st-2nd Grade - Teacher: A. Churner
3rd-4th Grade - Teacher: B. Melhorn
5th-6th Grade - Teachers: G. Truax, M. Churner

Youth & Adult Classes

Teen S.S Class (Youth grades 7-9) - Teacher: D. Houtz
Young Adult Class (Grade 10th - College/Career) - Teachers: C. Wilkes.
CORE (Circle of Relationship for Edification) Class - 20's to early 50's singles, married, and single again. - Teacher: M. Melhorn
The Upper Room - No age limit, but is aimed for young adults and young families - Teacher: D. Arter
Bethel Class - 50's on up in age who are parents, grandparents, widows, single, etc. - Teachers: D. Evans, D. Wilson.
We at Brisbin Baptist Church are a family to belong to and want to help you grow spiritually by encouraging personal spiritual commitments which moves you from Spectator to Seeker to Follower to Minister to Kingdom Builder. We desire that you Know God personally and grow in Christlikeness so that you experience God working in all areas of your life.