Welcome to

Brisbin Baptist Church

Chris McIntyre, Pastor

418 Swoope Street, Brisbin, PA 16620



9am – Sunday School

10am – Worship Service

7pm – Bible Study

6pm – Youth Group


7pm – Prayer and Devotion


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Meet our pastor

My name is Chris McIntyre and I became the pastor of Brisbin Baptist Church in August of 2021. I am married to Sara, and we have three children Timmy, Titus, and Lydia Jael. I have attended Liberty University where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies focusing on religion and psychology in 2012.

I earned a Master of Arts in Religion in Pastoral Counseling in 2018 and am currently attending Baptist Bible Seminary where I am working in Old Testament, as well as Liberty University completing a PhD in Theology and Apologetics. I frequently publish in academic journals in the area of biblical interpretation as well as academic blogs.

While I do a lot of academic studies and writing, that is not my primary calling. God called me to preach, and I knew that when I was 5 years old, even before I was saved at the age of 10. The gospel has the power to save people from their sins, and to help them live a fulfilling life as they become conformed to the image of God by looking, acting, and living as His son Jesus Christ. Because of the emphasis on preaching in the bible, as well as my own personal conviction of its importance, here at Brisbin we preach expositionally.

We move from left to right through a section of the Bible and attempt to go through a book at a time. Jesus prayed that God would sanctify his people through the truth and asserts that God’s word is truth (John 17:17). We believe the Bible does that here at Brisbin, and for that reason when you show up to Brisbin to worship with us, you will hear me open my sermon with “The Bible says.” That’s really the only thing Church should be about, learning about Jesus and God through the text of the Bible, and answering the question about how we should live in light of those truths. I pray that you will join us sometime soon for worship so that we can equip you to go out and fulfill the call that God has on your life. If you need anything, please don’t be afraid to reach out.

-Brother Chris

Our Facility

We meet for all church services in the sanctuary (entrance on the right side of the photo), and other events are held in the fellowship hall (entrance on the left side of the photo). The main entrance to our facility is handicap accessible. Restrooms are also handicap accessible, and there is a changing station in the both restrooms. Parking is available to the side of the church and across Swoope street behind the church.


Global Missions

We have a strong missions budget that contributes to 16 missionaries and ministries.

Men’s Prayer Breakfast

On the last Saturday of each month, the men gather for prayer, fellowship and food. The breakfast begins at 7:20am.